Hi guys,

I'm happy to announce my NFT collection will be released soon. To celebrate this with you anybody how bought a membership from 2022 will receive a 1 NFT / subscribed month. Yes even if your membership already expired you still will be eligible.

Andy Ferr OpenSea NFT Gallery

How much will you get?

2022 expired or active members will receive 1 free NFT / month subscribed.

2021 all subscribed members will receive 1 free NFT.


Are these NFTs Free?

You will receive them for free but they are certainly not free. You can sell them or keep them! All Andy Ferr NFTs going for about 19 DAI ~ $19

What you need to get free NFTs:

Must have an opensea.io account with Polygon wallet.

How to get them:

  1. Email us to [email protected]
  2. Subject of the email must be Love NFTs - Your Ccbill subscription number -
  3. In the email send the following
    Your name
    subscription ID
    Your Opensea wallet address where you want to receive your NFTs
  4. When you qualify you will be notified.